InvisiPac® tank-free hot melt adhesive dispensing systems and equipment

Keep your packaging line up and running with InvisiPac from KMS Adhesives and say goodbye to char-filled hoses, tank scraping and time waiting for your hot melt tank to heat up. With InvisiPac, you’re up to operating temperature and running production in less than 10 minutes.

The benefits of InvisiPac

• No smell or fumes from open tanks
• No spilt pellets or overfilling by operators
• No starvation of glue – system is kept constantly topped up
• Adhesive tracking enables accurate monitoring of glue consumption
• Less operator intervention – beacon warning system even tells you when more adhesive is required

For the best performance use Optimise® hot melt adhesives

Optimise high performance hotmelts work on any packaging line regardless of speed and maintain their bond in extremes of hot and cold (-40 °C to +70 °C). Click here for more details.

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